Atrix Status Bar Disappears

Posted by Kyle on June 6, 2012

Motorola LogoWhile some people don't like the Android status bar, I happen to really appreciate it. Seeing my notifications and network status without even unlocking the screen is just plain valuable to me. After I re-flashed my Atrix with a fresh SBF, however, my status bar kept disappearing. After I hit the ol' Google machine, I found two solutions that work.

The Problem

The problem seems to stem from using the same MotoBlur credentials twice on the same phone. Apparently, there's a bug with MotoBlur that will cause whatever daemon drives the notification bar to crash. After flashing my device with a fres SBF, I signed in to MotoBlur again and stumbled into this bug.

What DOESN'T Work

I saw several people suggest a factory data reset. This, by itself, does not work, and in fact only exacerbates the issue since, after the reset, you have to login to MotoBlur again.

The Less Desireable Workaround

One solutions seems to be disabling email notifications. That means, of course, you won't get email notifications, which defeats the purpost of a notificaiton bar. However, I can attest that this will, in fact, keep your notification bar from disappearing.


The Better, But Not Perfect, Solution

The better solution is to just head over to, create a quick new email address, and register a new account with MotoBlur after a factory data reset.

Factory Data Reset + New Email Account + New MotoBlur account = reliable notificaiton bar.


Did this work for you? Do you have any question? Let me know below.


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