First blog posts are the hardest, most awkward


It's always hard and awkward to write a first blog post. So let's just aknowledge that together. Very few people will ever know this post exists. Even fewer will read this. So thanks if you're reading it!

Here's a few things I love:

I love photography

This should be obvious. But there is SO much to love about photography. Art, science, technology and psychology all come together in a really unique way. Those all happen to be things I love, too.

Photography, then, is not just a job for me. A lot of professional photographers don't like to take pictures on their "off" time because they spend their whole work day doing it. I'm the opposite! Maybe I just haven't been doing it long enough, but I take pictures for fun just as much as I do for money.

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I love West Texas

I live in San Angelo, and you may notice in my nature photography, that a lot of my work is in and around San Angelo and West Texas.

There's just something about the desert that's beautiful. The flowers here, the animals here, the mountains/hills here, the flatness here, etc. are just gorgeous! I love it!

I love people

There is something unique about humanity. You, as a human (I assume), are an interesting blend of universal human traits, a permutation of a limited number of personality traits, and a rare set of uncommon idiosyncracies. All of these combined makes you unique in some ways and standard in others. In both cases, it makes you, as a human (I assume), interesting. 

On top of that, expressing that complicated blend of features in a single image is a super challenging task.

I love Jesus

I am first a follower of Jesus. Then a husband, then a father, then I pastor and LAST a photographer. In fact, the number one reason I love people is that I love Jesus, and Jesus loves people so much he died for them.

I love doing well

There are a few things that are right for their own sake. Doing quality work is one of those things. I don't do boiler plate shoots. I don't like repeating locations. I don't like taking the same picture everyone else takes. I like creating something the long way and the hard way because to me, that's what quality work is.

I love serving

Because I love people and I love Jesus, I love serving people. I don't want to just sell you pictures. I want to make your experience as you consume photos to be as easy, positive, convenient and high-quality as it can be.

So please feel free to contact me and let me serve you with my art.

About Me

Hi! I’m Kyle! I am a published photographer based in San Angelo, TX, serving the whole state of Texas. I create portrait art as well as commercial, editorial and nature photography. I’m also a member of PPA and TPPA. And that’s important!

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First blog posts are the hardest, most awkward

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