God Has No Grandchildren

Posted by Kyle on April 9, 2012

We did, in fact, have our baby. Megan had to have a C-section, but Leah Ann Hooks was born at a health (and ample) 8lbs. 15oz. on December 9, 2011.

Since, I've been thinking about what being a parent involves, and looking forward to when it means more than burping and making rediculous faces just so she'll smile. Something I just read for school just connected whole lots of dots, so I thought I'd share it.

Jim Stanley, my pastor at Angelo Bible Church, often says that "God has no grandchildren," often to show that our relationship to God our creator and redeemer is a primary one. I am not a Christian because my dad is, but because I personally responded to His call. He in turn loves me as a father loves his own children (which has been brought into much sharper relief in the past four months! - Matt 7:11).

Millard Erickson, who wrote my systematic theology textbook ("Christian Theology" - what a great title!), also noted that God is not a grandfather, but was instead referring to God's discipline. God is not the stereotypical grandparent that gets to spoil the children and hand them off to the parents at the end of the weekend. He is the Father who is primarily responsible for the child's up-bringing and will discipline him/her accordingly.

When these two ideas are connected into a cohesive picture, a wonderful image of parenthood and of God appears. If we, as Christ's followers, want the benefits of adoption through Christ as God's children, then we must accept the discipline as part-and-parcel to the package becaus that's what a parent does! Jesus said it best himself: "Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline" (Rev. 3:19, NASB).


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