Likewise Is No More!...sorta

Posted by Kyle on August 12, 2011

Likewise LogoBeyondTrust purchased Likewise...including Likewise Open. But never fear! Right now, nothing has actually changed.

I recently registered with Beyond Trust to download a fresh copy of "PowerBroker Identity Services Open Edition" from BeyondTrust only to find out, to my relief, that not only was the software almost exactly the same, but even the download pages looked identical (screenshots after the break).

Essentially, the only differences are these:

1) The build version is a little newer if you get it from BeyondTrust, and, in my limited experience with the new package, it seems a little more stable. I don't really have any objective evidence to support that, though.

2) You download the package from a different place. BeyondTrust is, like Likewise, keeping the location of the download page a semi secret. If you just don't feel like giving them your email address, the new download page for Likewise Open/PowerBroker Identity Services Open Edition is at

Otherwise, the install process is the same, command names, options, and all.

If you would like a good place to start with authenticating your Linux machine to Active Directory, check out my tutorial: Likewise Open 6 & Samba - A Better Open Source File Server


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