We're Having a Baby!

Posted by Kyle on August 17, 2011

Jack in the boxMegan and I found out some months ago that she's pregnant with our first child.

At the time of this post, Megan is at 26 weeks today...right at the end of her second trimester. The first trimester was pretty rough, and this one has been a lot easier for her (and me).

We don't know the gender yet, nor will we until the baby comes. Somehow, "It's a boy!" or, "It's a girl!" just isn't the same if you already know.

We did, however, get a sonogram the other week that I'd love to share with friends and family. I've posted a video of the sonogram, along with a few photos from the ultrasound and of Megan.

You'll need to login to see them, so shoot me an email and I'll give you the password.

If you already have a password, here's the video and pictures.

Finally, I've got a couple shout-outs.

The first is to the Midland College Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. They did our sonogram, and they were awesome! You get your results right away, they give you a DVD before you leave, and they only ask for a $20 donation. Way better than the "pay $1200 and wait a week for your results" game!

Last, and most importantly, I want to give a shout-out to our midwife Kelly Miller at Divine Design Midwifery.

More about our decision to do an at-home birth after the break...

The whole "at-home birth" thing was Megan's idea, and I was slow to come around to it.

One of the big "selling points" for me was one particular statistic ('cause I'm a huge nerd like that). Megan borrowed The Business of Being Born - a documentary about midwifery and the state of childbirth in the US - from Kelly. The film cited a study which claimed that only 2% of OB/GYN's in the US have ever, in their lives, seen a natural childbirth. Maybe this explains with 1 in 3 births in America is a C-section...the OB over-reacts to something that may be "normal," but which they have never seen before, and the rush the mother in for major surgery.

Second, and perhaps most powerful, was the realization that carrying and delivering babies is a standard, built-in feature of a woman's body. Therefore, when a woman gives birth, her body is working the way it's supposed to. Going to the hospital when nothing is actually wrong with you is rediculous, yet, for some reason, we do it anyways.

That isn't to say, however, that if there are complications we won't go to the hospital. A complication means something is wrong with either Megan's body or the baby's, and thats the PERFECT time to go to the hospital.

The fact remains, however, that the vast majority of births go off without a hitch. That's how we managed to get 7 billion of us onto this planet.

Thoughts? Comments? Leave them below.


Posted by Jessica on
Im proud of you lil cousin and Megan. I think your plan is an awesome plan. I got a lil tear in my eye ;-). Xoxo
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