Mission Trip 2011 - The Trip is Over and Photos Are In!

Posted by Kyle on August 5, 2011

The other month, I mentioned that I was taking a group of youth from Angelo Bible Church to Thoreau, NM for a mission trip in conjuction with Crosslands Bible Church in Thoreau and Sovereign Grace Fellowship in Nampa, ID. The trip ended a little more than a month ago, and it went very well. God blessed the trip in a big way.

Also, typically, while I'm pretty good at taking photos, I'm really bad at editing and posting them in a timely manner. This year, though, I committed to at least have all my photos from this year's mission trip edited and posted by the end of the summer. Well...mission accomplished.

The whole gang!

Here's the rundown of the week:


We had three different Vacation Bible Schools running from June 27 - June 30. We had one running in both the morning and afternoon at a local trailer park and a third at a home in Prewitt just east of Thoreau.

I had the luxury of seeing all three during the week, and the children that came were plentiful and amazing...really not hard to love at all. In Christian ministry, I firmly believe quality is much more important than quantity. It's nice, though, when you get the chance at both.

Work Project:

We had two major work projects. The first was to build a handicap-accessible ramp for Crosslands Bible Church that led into their fellowship hall. The second was to re-roof the pastor's carport and build a new deck on his house (covered, in part, by the roof over the carport).

Bible Study:

Every year, we pick a "church word" to teach about. This year, we studied what "faith" really means, the things Christians have faith in, and what the natural consequence of really believing in who God is (Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Holy, and Benevolent), who we are (evil - Jeremiah 17:9), and what God did despite the disparity (1 John 4:10).

I wish I had read this quote before then because it sums up the nature of faith perfectly!

Faith does not merely mean that the soul realizes that the divine word is full of grace, free and holy; it also unites the soul with Christ, as a bride is united with her bridegroom. From such a marriage, as St. Paul says, it follows that Christ and the soul become one body, so that they hold all things in common, whether for better or worse. This means that what Christ possesses belongs to the believing soul; and what the soul possesses belongs to Christ. Thus Christ possesses all good things and holiness; these now belong to the soul. The soul possesses lots of vice and sin; these now belong to Christ.

 - Martin Luther


Of final note, two very significant things happened in the lives of 3 of the people who went. I'm glad to announce that Ren came to Christ and made a profession of faith, and that Robert and Crystal got engaged!

To all the kids in Idaho: keep in touch!

To all the kids in San Angelo: wanna go next year?

To the rest of the world: read this.

Oh, and I almost forgot the photos!


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