Commercial Photography

Good imagery is the best way to sell your products and services. Let me serve you by creating art that sends a compelling message to your customers.

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Tell your brand's story

If you want to show what your product looks like, you just need a camera. If you show what your product FEELS like, you need a photographer. I'll help you show your customers and clients a story they can connect with instead of just a product they can leave the store with.

The problem with commercial photography

Commercial professional photography might be more affordable than you think. Photographers don't always price their work differently for commercial clients. But while you need high-quality images, they don't have the same value as personal photos, so they shouldn't be priced the same.

On top of that, a business needs more professional-quality work than any private individual. Your business has constant and changing marketing needs. With the right pricing structure, and a good understanding of the needs of a small business, both of our businesses can really thrive.

Let Lord & Hooks Serve You

I am here to serve, and I want your business to thrive! Let's have a conversation about how to help your business spread its story as well as you can!


Senior year is exciting and special. Shouldn't senior portraits be, too? Let's tell your high school story before it's over!

Youth Sports Photography

Ball is life. Make sure you have pictures of it. Better yet, make sure you have amazing pictures of it.

Fine Art Prints

Bring some beauty from the outdoors into your home or business. Buying high-quality landscape art from me is easy! Find out more about how.